2013 - Year in Review

December 31, 2013 2 Comments

My word for 2013 was "Perform".  Perform in the sense of action.  I, no doubt, had a lot of action this year.  I built my website, put products for sale via Etsy, Fine Art America, Zazzle and created my own online store for my website.
I ventured into acrylic painting, creating four pieces of art.  Two small 8" x 10 paintings and two large 18" x 24" paintings.  I tried  new crayons that are water-soluble and drew an elephant with graphite and charcoal.
I entered into a couple of contests, Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search and Light, Time, Space - where my "Orange Delight" lily photograph was selected to displayed on their website.
I spent some time reading The Artist's Way, Alisa Burke's books, took some of Alisa Burke's online classes, took some photography online classes, and began Soul Food online class yesterday. A lot of learning, researching and trial and error happened this past year.  I scrapped a lot, learned what I liked and what I didn't like, did things the hard way to later learn a much easier way.
I went on a real vacation...not a staycation.  Too bad the weather didn't completely cooperate.  There was no suntanning on the beach.  It was a well-needed break and some good memories were made.
2013 brought many health-related issues.  Spent a lot of time and money with doctors of all kinds and physical therapists.  A lot of stressful events throughout the entire year.  I am happy to ring in 2014, but I am grateful for the experiences, lessons and advancements I made. I missed two Christmas parties this year because of the stomach flu.  Luckily, I was well in time to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family.  My Christmas cards were mailed later than usual, but most of them still arrived by December 26th and that is OK!
A gallery of random photographs I took throughout 2013 are shown below.  Displays of weather, warm drinks, gardening and I can't forget about my lucky home decor finds at a resale shop and Hobbly Lobby to complete my eating area.

How was your 2013?  Are you happy to see it go?  What were your accomplishments?



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August 24, 2017

Lisa, it sounds like you had an amazing year. All of the classes and entering shows and trial and error- good stuff is coming out of all the seeds you planted (and hopefully you are already seeing a harvest). Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable with your art. Love your elephant drawing. Congratulations on the startup of your online stores :) Happy 2014!

Lisa R. Ullrich
Lisa R. Ullrich

August 24, 2017

Hi Melissa, thank you. Yes, lots of good stuff. Learning will never be finished. :) Happy New Year!

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