Aspect Ratio and Print Sizes

0142_Lough Gill 640 wm


As I continue with my goal to add items to my new shop, I will be creating listings which contain variations in print sizes.  I wanted to take a moment to explain how an original photograph is changed depending on the size of the print.  It is kind of similar to the aspect ratio on your television screen.  A lot of televisions nowadays have a menu that allows the aspect ratio to be changed, such as a widescreen picture view.

Cameras also have an aspect ratio.  My camera is set to an aspect ratio of 3:2.  The above photograph is the original aspect ratio of 3:2.  This means a 4" x 6" print would capture the entire image, as it has an aspect ratio of 3:2 as well.  If I wanted a different size print, the original photograph would be cropped to obtain the particular size.

Below are examples of these images.  I cropped all of them on the left and bottom for each size, so you could easily see the difference.  I also didn't move the watermark from where it was located on the original photograph either.


0142_Lough Gill 640 wm

4" x 6" print - no cropping occured


0142_Lough Gill 640 5x7 wm

5" x 7" print - cropping occured and some of the image was lost on the left side.


0142_Lough Gill 640 8x10 wm

8" x 10" print - cropping occured even more on the left side and slightly on the bottom.


0142_Lough Gill 640 11x14 wm

11" x 14" print - cropping occured on the left side and even more on the bottom than the 8" x 10".


0142_Lough Gill 640 16x9 wm

16" x 9" print - no cropping occured on the left side, but a large amount of cropping occured on the bottom.


As you can see, the last image doesn't look as nice with all the cropping occuring at the bottom.  The images for sale in my shop will be cropped to obtain the most aesthetically pleasing image for each specific size.  I will add a gallery so you can see what the image will look like when you purchase a particular size.

Before I started learning photography and printing, I thought a different size photo was the same image just larger or smaller.  I wasn't aware parts of the image were cropped off to obtain the proper aspect ratio for that print size.  I wanted share this little tidbit with you so you can be an informed buyer when purchasing photography or art prints.



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