Chicago Botanic Gardens

September 11, 2015


My girlfriend, her daughter and I visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens this past weekend. I had never been there before. If you are ever visiting Chicago (or live here and looking for something fun to do) I highly recommend you check it out. Surround yourself with beauty, nature, flowers, bright colors, pretty scents and even some butterflies.

The butterfly exhibit was a lot of fun. They had many different varieties of butterflies from all over the world. My favorite ones were the Blue Morpho's. Radiant blue with black, they were gorgeous to look at, and pretty hyper. They hardly stood still for a photo shoot and when they did, they kept their wings closed. I sat there patiently waiting with my camera focused, but they refused to cooperate. I got a quick shot of one as he was flying, but it's not a clear photo.



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