Christmas Card Revolution and Challenge

November 25, 2014



Have you guys noticed it too? With each new year, the more meager the holiday cheer? Do you hear it too? The dreadful complaints about having to pull the Christmas tree out of storage, and then decorate it. The annoyance at that ONE radio station that plays holiday music starting from now until Christmas. Double annoyance if your co-worker listens to it ALL DAY LONG. The stores are ALREADY decorated for Christmas - can we get through Thanksgiving first?! Dreading the day you have to deal with the holiday shopping crowds.

You all know what I'm talking about. Holidays have become a chore for many. There are those who cringe at the thought of having to listen to Christmas carols on any day other than the holiday. Gift-giving has declined, as more and more "grab bags" have been endorsed. The past few years, only a handful of gifts ended up under my tree. The intent of Christmas isn't supposed to be about the gifts, however, gift-giving became a Christmas tradition many years ago. The gifts are merely meant as a symbol to serve a bigger purpose.

The tradition of mailing out Christmas cards to friends and family seems to be slowly becoming a thing of the past. The thought of this very personal tradition fading away into just a memory saddens me. Each year, fewer Christmas cards arrive in my mailbox. My front door, the place I choose to adorn with these traditional greetings, has become less festive. I don't think it's only Christmas cards losing their luster, but the entire Christmas season has become a bit more bah-hum-bug and a bit less traditional.

Does the thrill of Christmas end when you are over the age of 30? Don't you remember the excitement of watching Christmas movies on TV? Or decorating the Christmas tree while Christmas carols were playing in the background? Or baking Christmas cookies and making homemade ornaments with your Grandma? Are we already over Christmas before it even arrives? Maybe it's the over-commercialization. Maybe it's the Christmas countdowns which begin in July. Maybe it's because we can't even enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without thoughts of our shopping plan for Black Friday running through our heads?

I want the holidays to feel more like a holiday and not just another day. I want to feel the spirit I used to feel.

I've been drawing my Christmas cards since 2006. Every year I mail about 100 Christmas cards to family and friends. Is it expensive? Yes. Why do I do it? I look forward to it every year. I enjoy the process of creating my own card. I find a meaningful quotation to write on the inside. I feel joy in my heart and soul. It makes me smile.

There is something I love even more than all that. The people I send these cards to, well, they love them too. How do I know? They tell me. Not only do they tell me at Christmas, but they tell me all year long. A couple weeks ago, I ran into a man I haven't seen in 20 years. He introduced me and said, "this girl sends me a nice Christmas card every year." Eleven months later and he still remembered. I bring others joy and holiday cheer with a simple card. That is why I do it.

This year, I'd like to call awareness to Christmas cards. A Christmas card revolution of sorts. I want you to get excited about Christmas cards too. I want you to mail Christmas cards for the joy you will feel in your heart. Don't mail a Christmas card just to return someone else's gesture. That makes it a chore. And don't expect a card in return. That is not the point. The point is to send joy and holiday cheer because it feels good.

I am challenging you to participate in a Christmas card revolution. Here's what you need to do.

1. Accept the challenge. Leave a comment on this blog or on the social media post stating that you accept my challenge.

2. Get Christmas cards to mail. Buy pre-made boxes of cards, create your own photo cards,  hand make cards or write a letter decorated with cute little Christmas stickers all over. Whatever floats your boat. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Just do it. Electronic greetings do not count.

3. Send a minimum of 25 Christmas cards to your friends, family and even people you barely know. Mail them or save money on stamps and hand-deliver them. Who knows, you may just make a new friend.

4. Talk about it. Get others excited about Christmas cards too. Share it on social media, use #XmasCardRev to show off your Christmas cards and share how it made you feel. Tell us how many people you were able to inspire to also send out holiday cheer. Share photos or any other way you'd like to document it.

5. If you choose to accept my challenge, you will need to challenge a minimum of five of your friends and family too. Let's work together to bring about more joy and holiday cheer with the simple act of mailing Christmas cards.

To make this challenge a little easier on your pocketbook, I have drastically discounted my 25 pack of Christmas cards to $40 ($1.60/per card). There are five designs to choose from and you can personalize them by adding your own message to the inside.

Let's work together to keep the Christmas card tradition alive. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing how creative you are while spreading holiday cheer everywhere.



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