Finding my own artistic style

March 03, 2014

Rusty Edges BW 640


For the past year, I've been trying all sorts of different things with art.  I tried painting, jewelry, drawing with colored pencils, using different surfaces and papers, trying to figure out what I like best and my style.


California Hibiscus BW 640


I've always been attracted to flowers, nature, animals, and wildlife with my art.  All those things possess such beauty, integrity, emotion and strength.


Orange Delight BW 640


When I view other artists' work, I love the bright, beautiful, lively colors of mixed media paintings.  The smoothness of the well blended pastel paintings and colored pencil drawings.


White on Purple Sage BW 640


The past couple of weeks, I've been leaning towards all my work being in the monochrome family.  Creating with charcoal, graphite and turning my photography into softened black & white photographs, such as the ones in this post.

There is something calming and relaxing about monochromatic art.  My art has always been simplistic, yet detailed.  Monochromatic colors feel very simplistic to me and cuts out the chaos.  I'm really loving that.



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