Garden goals and wildlife

June 02, 2014 1 Comment



The weather was gorgeous this weekend.  I spent some time cleaning up my yard, setting up the hose and trimming the dead ornamental grass to allow the new grass to grow in nicely.  I mowed the lawn and, as I do every time I cut the grass, I paid attention to and made mental notes about all the things that need tending to.  The list is about as tall as the weeds.  The thought occured to me of a new way to keep track of all the things I plan in my head.  The previous owner of my house was a landscape architect and he designed a drawing of the whole lot.  I'm going to make my notes on that drawing with my ideas and thoughts in order to keep it all organized.

My parents and I had transplanted irises from their garden to mine about three years ago.  Every year since the leaves appeared in the spring, but never did they bloom.  This year one of them finally bloomed (photo above).  I think there is still hope for the others to follow suit.  I planted some basil and patty pan squash plants a couple weeks ago and need to get the garden area ready so I can move them off my deck.  Bushes need big time trimming and the thistles multiply so fast, I really could spend the whole summer pulling them suckers out.




This little guy was keeping me company with my morning coffee while sitting on the patio.  There were robins and blue jays hanging out in my yard.  The blue jays are such a beautiful bird.  My neighbor planted a new bush between our houses that attracts the hummingbirds.  They have one bush over there already, I think it's a rose of sharon, and the hummingbirds visit it often.  They are such a cool bird and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them this summer.

Do you have any wildlife in your yard you enjoy watching?



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August 24, 2017

I love irises (for the obvious reason), I have one tattooed on my shoulder.

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