Glencar Lake & Waterfall - Ireland

May 12, 2014

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Glencar Lake and Waterfall is located in County Leitrim, Ireland.  There are three different walking paths you can venture through to explore the wildlife and scenery.  The first few photographs were shot on the ride in.  At this point, the sun was shining with bright blue skies.  The shadows of the clouds cast dramatic values onto the mountains providing an interesting depth.


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As we came upon Glencar Lake, the clouds had begun to roll in.  There were midges swarming all over this area.  A nice breeze had picked up and the smell of rain was in the air.


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We parked at Glencar Waterfall and took the "easy" paved path to the waterfall.  A moss covered rocky stream greeted us after we entered the gate.  We enjoyed a few smaller waterfalls as we continued on the path to view the waterfall Glencar is most known for.


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We continued onto the path until we could see Glencar Waterfall.  The water was flowing nicely, as there had been some rain during the week.  There was a stairway beside the waterfall for better viewing.  The waterfall is about 50 feet in height and was made famous by W.B. Yeats poem, "The Stolen Child".


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The rain rolled in as soon as we made it back to the car.  This seemed to have been our luck for our entire vacation.  The rain seemed to always stay away until we were inside the house or car.  What waterfall is your favorite to visit?



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