Herbs, Veggies & A Toad

Herbs, Veggies & A Toad



I hope all the dad's out there enjoyed their Father's Day celebrations.  My green and purple basil plants are growing nicely.  They started flowering this week and they smell wonderfully delicious.  I'm looking forward to adding some basil to my salads and other recipes this summer.


Patty Pan Squash 2

Patty Pan Squash 1


My patty pan squash plants are coming along nicely as well.  One plant is quite larger than the other.  I think it's due to the different sized pots I used to plant them in.  Buds are starting to form on these guys too.  I moved all these plants from my deck into the garden area.  They were easier to water on the deck, but were getting a little too big for that spot.  I can't wait until I can put these on the grill.


Toad 2

Toad 1


This little fella snuck onto my patio while I was moving my plants and watering the garden.  He was hidden in the shadows hoping I wouldn't notice.  The pictures could be brighter, but I didn't want to use the flash on him.  I'm sure he was quite happy when me & my camera left him alone.  I used to see a lot more baby toads in my yard, but the past couple of years, I have not seen any.

Do you have a garden and what are your favorite plants to grow?



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Love the cheerful pink pots. Basil is lovely, doubly so if you grew it yourself.


Homegrown basil is awesome. We’ve gotten some nice rain this week, so my plants are very happy.

Lisa R. Ullrich

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