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Inspirational Monday is all about sharing quotes, links, stories, and anything else that may awaken and nurture something within your soul.

I keep saying, I'm going to start exercising, yet everything else ends up taking rank or the inevitable excuses are made.  I know some of you can relate.  I had a kick in the butt after reading an article on procrastination playing a huge role in self-sabotaging behavior.  And there it was, staring me in the face, my biggest problem.

I know exercise is beneficial to my life.  I know it's good for my mind, body, health, soul and future.  I know it will give my body strength, improve my mood, improve my creativity, and help me sleep better.  The sleeping better part, all by itself, should be a great motivator.  So should the part about helping to alleviate symptoms of my chronic illness.

And, even knowing ALL of this, exercise always finds its spot at the bottom of my priorities.  It's time to stop.  Stop procrastinating, be mindful and just do what I know should be at the top of my priorities.

Yoga anyone?  Do you engage in a daily yoga practice?  How does it benefit your life?

I've been feeling drawn to learn about yoga.  I searched my Kindle Lender's Library for a yoga book I could loan via my Amazon Prime membership.  I downloaded a few sample books, but one really stuck out for me.  Within the sample, the book mentioned its website, so I decided to take a gander.

This weekend was the first time I completed an entire yoga sequence, which I found at Yoga Basics.  I printed it out, so I had the whole sequence in front of me to follow.  It took close to an hour, as I was referring to the print out often.

It didn't seem like much at all (on paper).  It was mostly exercises I had learned in gym class back in the day.  I quickly learned that holding a pose seemed to be more work than doing multiple repetitions.  The whole deep breathing thing was a workout in itself.

When I was finished, I felt like I was relaxing at the beach (visualizing photo above).  I was so ready for a nap.  Note to self, do yoga right before bed and sleep will most likely improve.

Who wants to join me in creating a healthy new habit?  What are you procrastinating?

On a side note, there's something else I feel compelled to share.  Susannah Conway, an inspiring creative I follow, created a beautiful ebook called, The (Delicious) Truth About Getting Older.  It's free and full of many positive stories surrounding aging.  Be prepared to be inspired.



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