Inspirational Monday - Photo Tree

February 03, 2014

Photo Tree 15wm

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For Inspirational Monday, I'm sharing my latest craft project for a photo tree inspired by Valentine's Day.  I had some Ball canning jars in my cupboard and went to Michaels to find some heartsy paper, ribbons, glass paint, string and twigs.  To save money you can find twigs in your yard, however, my yard is covered with a ton of snow, so it wasn't an option for me.  Before starting, clean the jar with rubbing alcohol.


Photo Tree 02wm


Put down some parchment paper so you don't get paint everywhere.  This will also prevent the painted jar from sticking to the surface as it dries.


Photo Tree 01wm


Pour some paint into the jar.  I used Americana Gloss Enamels paint.  Be generous, but you can always add more as you go.


Photo Tree 03wm


Start moving the jar around to spread the paint out.  I found tapping the jar on the table as I moved it around helped to spread the paint out easier.  Add more as you go until the entire jar is coated.


Photo Tree 04wm

Photo Tree 05wm


Once jars are coated, leave them upside down on the parchment paper for a day or two, until most of the excess paint has dripped out.  Periodically move them around on the parchment paper.

Follow the instructions on the paint bottle for drying time and baking instructions, which will set the paint.  Be sure to turn on your rangehood for ventilation so your house doesn't stink.  After the jars have baked and cooled, screw the ring onto the jar, this will help cover up the messiness from the paint.


Photo Tree 06wm


It's now time for assembly.  Cut down and arrange the twigs like a floral arrangement.  Use as many or as few as you'd like.  Play around with it until you are happy with how it looks.


Photo Tree 07wm

Photo Tree 08wm

Photo Tree 09wm


I inserted some of my favorite photos into a Word document and resized them so the height of each photo was 1.75 inches tall.  I printed these on photo paper and used a 1 inch circle papercutter to cut them out.  You can also cut them out by hand into any shape you wish.


Photo Tree 10wm


I cut the scrapbook paper into 2 inch squares and used a glue stick to adhere the photo to the center of the paper.  I cut a heart out of the paper with scissors.  They were all cut freehand, so no two hearts are alike and they aren't perfect in shape.  I used a holepuncher to put a hole at the top of each heart (usually on one side).  I cut string to tie the hearts around the twigs.


Photo Tree 11wm


After I arranged the hearts on the twigs, I measured and cut a piece of ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar to complete the look.


Photo Tree 13 (2)wm


And...the finished product.  Makes a perfect gift and a great conversation piece.  Be creative using different shapes, papers and colors.  I'm saving the blue jar for a different project.


Photo Tree 15wm



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