Inspiring Artists

April 28, 2014

MyEye640A charcoal drawing of my eye.


Artists and other creative types are unique within their own rights.  Keenly noticing even the simplest details many other people may overlook.  We are sensitive to our surroundings, independent, unique, eclectic, and follow the beat of our own drummer.  We have visions, dreams, goals, and are highly imaginative.   We live life through our passions.

We each have a style unique to ourselves.  No two artists are alike.  100 artists given the same reference photo will create 100 pieces of art each unique to the artist.  The same can be said about photographers and writers.  No two photographs are alike and no two stories are identical.

We express ourselves through our art.  Our personalities shine through.  We express emotions, both light and dark.  We are one-of-a-kind.

My art focuses on things I love…animals, flowers, sunsets, anything my eyes deem beautiful.  I draw mostly in graphite and charcoal, but love occasional colors as well.  I also work with photography and dabble in paints.  Extremely realistic art catches my attention.  I’m in awe when an artist can make their art come to life.

What type of art is your favorite?  What kind of art makes your soul come to life?



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