Lough Gill - Ireland

May 16, 2014

0144_Lough Gill 640 wm


Lough Gill is located part in County Sligo and part in County Leitrim, Ireland.  Lough Gill has 20 small islands, including the Isle of Innisfree, made famous by W.B. Yeats in his poem titled, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree".  Lough Gill is known for a high number of rare species of plants and animals and is protected by the EU Habitats Directive.


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  0142_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0141_Lough Gill 640 wm

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  0138_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0137_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0136_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0135_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0134_Lough Gill Parkes Castle 640 wm


The above picture shows Parkes Castle in the distance on the County Leitrim portion of the lake.  There are tours available of Parkes Castle, as well as boat tours from Parkes Castle to view the Isle of Innisfree.


0133_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0132_Lough Gill 640 wm

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  0129_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0128_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0127_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0126_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0125_Lough Gill 640 wm

  0124_Lough Gill 640 wm


The weather was all over the place this day.  It was overcast, but sunny at times, and raining at other times.  The rain was sporadic enough it didn't really disturb our sightseeing.  That is a great thing about Ireland, the weather can change quickly.



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