Ocean B&W Photography


A gloomy day on the beach...



Crashing waves...



Fierce winds and stormy clouds...



Makes for fantastic black & white ocean photography shoots.


Spring break last year in Myrtle Beach.  It was rainy, cold, windy and we needed to wear sweatshirts instead of bathing suits.  The beach was beautiful and relaxing nonetheless.

Has the weather ever not cooperated for you while on vacation?



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That’s the way to see it, Iris, then you are not disappointed. A majority of my vacations were spent in Ireland, as I have family over there. I remember it being what I considered cold & the locals were swimming in the ocean.

Lisa R. Ullrich

There is something freeing about not having weather expectations when going on holiday. I live in the UK and we holiday at least once a year in our own country, so I’m very used to not letting the weather get in the way of a good experience! The weather is simply part of the environment you’re in. Because of our work we tend to go on holiday out of season and over the years have been pleasantly surprised by good weather on many occasions (great weather in Cyprus in October, nice Indian summer in California in October, wonderfully crisp sunny wintery weather in February in New York). xx


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