Routines Interrupted

September 19, 2014

Wild Grass at Buffalo Rock


Wild grass at Buffalo Rock State Park[/caption]  As I read this article from 99U about routines and creativity, it felt very familiar, as I am a creature of habit. My routine is predictable. Mark McGuinness posed a question, "What happens to your creativity if your routine is interrupted?" For me, it deflates. I feel out of sorts, unmotivated, possibly overwhelmed and maybe even a tad bit crabby. I like my routines. They keep me grounded.

Earlier this summer, a herniated cervical disk completely interrupted my routine. One morning, I woke up barely able to turn my head with big time pain. Stayed home from work for an entire week to rest. Went through doctor visits, tests and physical therapy. It threw off my whole routine, including my sleep. Seven weeks later, my neck was 90% better and my motivation was zilch.

Art, photography, blog posts, social media, marketing, reading, yard work, and cleaning the house had been neglected. Mostly because those tasks were painful to perform. After seven weeks of not doing them, it felt like a bunch of huge chores to tackle. Not any fun. So, what happens? Procrastination and avoidance start feeling like good friends.

The time has come to get my routine back on track. No more procrastinating. I've set a conscious intention to start doing all that needs to be done. I downloaded Wunderlist and Todoist apps on my phone to help keep me on task. I haven't decided yet which app I like better.

How do you handle your routines being interrupted? How do you get back on track?



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