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Garden Weeds

2014 Action garden garden weeds Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate Inspirational Monday Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich nature weeds yard

  This weekend was focused on my yard.  I spent three hours weeding today and I am not even close to done.  I'm not sure the name of this weed (above) that is taking over my daylilies and ferns, but it does spread fast.  Last year was the first time I had this weed pop up.  Its root is more like a vine, but they are not hard to pull out.  They do intertwine with my plants, so I need to be careful.  I weeded this whole area and then planted some Pachysandra, which is an evergreen perennial groundcover.  My...

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Inspiring Artists

2014 art artists Artwork charcoal creative Drawing heart soul create heartsoulcreate Inspirational Monday Inspirations inspiring Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich Thoughts

A charcoal drawing of my eye.   Artists and other creative types are unique within their own rights.  Keenly noticing even the simplest details many other people may overlook.  We are sensitive to our surroundings, independent, unique, eclectic, and follow the beat of our own drummer.  We have visions, dreams, goals, and are highly imaginative.   We live life through our passions. We each have a style unique to ourselves.  No two artists are alike.  100 artists given the same reference photo will create 100 pieces of art each unique to the artist.  The same can be said about photographers and...

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Benefits of an Idea Journal

2014 Action creative processes Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate idea idea journal Inspirational Monday journal Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich Photography techniques Thoughts

  Many people keep journals.  Journals can be for anything.  Dreams, thoughts, sketches, finances, baby books, quotes, etc.  Recently, I've noticed a lot of creatives talking about idea journals and inspiration files. I tend to keep lists in journals, but have only been keeping a real journal for less than a year.  The more I read about idea journals, the more I think it's something I should give a try. How can we benefit from an idea journal? Ability to keep track of thoughts and ideas every minute of every day.  I don't know about you, but I have a...

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Do You Ask For Help?

2014 heart soul create heartsoulcreate help Inspirational Monday Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich nurture photography self-care

  I finshed reading Cheryl Richardson's book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care, over the weekend.  This book is meant to be read in its entirety and then every month for a year, a principle with the exercises are to be practiced.  I felt like I could have written the introduction of this book, it all sounded so familiar.  There are many good principles found within this book, but one in particular stuck out for me. Asking for and receiving help. Something that seems so simple, yet, I've always had a hard time asking for and receiving help.  Why don't I...

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Creative Chicago Expo 2014

#chicxpo 2014 Action Chicago creative Creative Chicago Expo education fear Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate Inspirational Monday Inspirations Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich

  This past weekend I attended the 11th Annual Creative Chicago Expo.  Two keynote speakers each day, a large number of vendor tables to visit and many educational workshops.  Much inspiration was to be found over these two days.  I attended workshops on local arts organizations, social listening, online and real life networking, business success, and blogging.  I learned a ton of new things, as well as a refresher on other things. I ventured out of my comfort zone, going up to vendor tables and introducing myself.  I also met a few fellow creatives in the workshops and even exchanged...

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