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When was the last time you tried something new?

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  Novelty is always fun! This month I've tried some new things. Mandalas, Zentangle, and pattern design in Photoshop (I didn't know you could do this in Photoshop!). My first attempt at a mandala (above) I did freehand. I hate using tools when I'm drawing. It really takes the fun out of art for me. There are cons though, like my circles aren't round and my symmetry is off, but it adds a unique charm. Anyways, I scanned my mandala and worked some magic in Photoshop creating repeating patterns (below). I found a couple tutorials online, which made it very...

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Benefits of an Idea Journal

Lisa Blake 2014 Action creative processes Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate idea idea journal Inspirational Monday journal Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich Photography techniques Thoughts

  Many people keep journals.  Journals can be for anything.  Dreams, thoughts, sketches, finances, baby books, quotes, etc.  Recently, I've noticed a lot of creatives talking about idea journals and inspiration files. I tend to keep lists in journals, but have only been keeping a real journal for less than a year.  The more I read about idea journals, the more I think it's something I should give a try. How can we benefit from an idea journal? Ability to keep track of thoughts and ideas every minute of every day.  I don't know about you, but I have a...

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Inspirational Monday

Lisa Blake 2014 art core beliefs creative creative processes creativity Drawing Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate Inspirational Monday inspirations inspiring Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich self-care self-help techniques favorite things to read are self-help books.  Whether it be learning new techniques to improve my skills, reading about ways to improve self-care, habits, self-esteem, relationships, etc.  I love it all.  This Inspirational Monday, I am sharing some inspirational self-help articles I've stumbled upon. How to Unleash Your Creativity and Find Inspiration Today! - by Preston Ni, M.S.B.A - Psychology Today Don't Define Yourself By What You're Not - by Brianna Wiest - Thought Catalog Core Beliefs in CBT - Identifying and Analysing Your Personal Beliefs - by Ruth Nina Welsh - Harley Therapy 3 Self-Care Strategies to Transform...

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2013 - Year in Review

Lisa Blake 2013 Action art Art Class beach colored pencil creative creative processes Drawing education Etsy flowers Goals heart soul create heartsoulcreate inspirations intuitive painting Lilla Rogers Lilla Rogers' 2013 Global Talent Search Lily Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich nature ocean photography Playground techniques travel

My word for 2013 was "Perform".  Perform in the sense of action.  I, no doubt, had a lot of action this year.  I built my website, put products for sale via Etsy, Fine Art America, Zazzle and created my own online store for my website. I ventured into acrylic painting, creating four pieces of art.  Two small 8" x 10 paintings and two large 18" x 24" paintings.  I tried  new crayons that are water-soluble and drew an elephant with graphite and charcoal. I entered into a couple of contests, Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search and Light, Time, Space -...

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Painted Fingers

Lisa Blake 2013 art Artwork heart soul create heartsoulcreate intuitive painting Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich techniques

I've been inspired lately by intuitive painting.  There was an e-course I had wanted to take, but just wasn't within my budget right now.  However, a few of my friends are taking it and posting some of their works.  So, tonight I felt inspired to give it a shot.   I turned on Spotify, played some good tunes, picked out some of my favorite colors, got my hands dirty and finger painted. This is the first layer, not sure what it will turn into.  I don't paint all that much, but have been wanting to get into it more and more. ...

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