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Aspect Ratio and Print Sizes

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  As I continue with my goal to add items to my new shop, I will be creating listings which contain variations in print sizes.  I wanted to take a moment to explain how an original photograph is changed depending on the size of the print.  It is kind of similar to the aspect ratio on your television screen.  A lot of televisions nowadays have a menu that allows the aspect ratio to be changed, such as a widescreen picture view. Cameras also have an aspect ratio.  My camera is set to an aspect ratio of 3:2.  The above photograph...

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Inspirational Monday - Photo Tree

Lisa Blake 2014 craft project creative heart soul create heartsoulcreate Inspirational Monday Lisa R. Ullrich Lisa Ullrich paint photo tree photos tutorial Tutorials Valentine's Day

  For Inspirational Monday, I'm sharing my latest craft project for a photo tree inspired by Valentine's Day.  I had some Ball canning jars in my cupboard and went to Michaels to find some heartsy paper, ribbons, glass paint, string and twigs.  To save money you can find twigs in your yard, however, my yard is covered with a ton of snow, so it wasn't an option for me.  Before starting, clean the jar with rubbing alcohol.     Put down some parchment paper so you don't get paint everywhere.  This will also prevent the painted jar from sticking to...

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