What are the chances? They're higher than you think.

June 19, 2015

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What are the chances?

How many times have you said this? Or heard this said? Maybe it was after something unexpected happened. Or maybe it was a way of convincing someone else not to worry. We've all said it before & we'll say it again. We've all heard it before & we'll hear it again. We use it as a reason to do something & at the same time as an excuse not to do something. We also use it as a way to rationalize an event which already happened.


Have you ever considered the real answer to this question?

The question itself implies the chances are low. Yet, it is often used in reference to events which already took place. So, what are the chances? The chances are always high. Why? Think about how many things are considered to be rare. Now, think about how many people you know who have experienced them. It may be a family member, a friend or even yourself. It may only be one instance or it may be many. It doesn't matter because even in that one instance, the chances were high...for someone.


Don't live your life by chance.

Live your life by your dreams, your desires, your feelings, your thoughts & your happiness. Follow your heart even when the chances of your dreams coming true are next to none. Because...someone...somewhere...has ALREADY made their rare, unrealistic dream come true.


And, you can too!

Think about it. How many times has a single rain cloud found its way over your head when there was 0% chance of rain in the forecast? It can happen & has already happened many days this month in Chicago.


Take those chances.

Share in the comments about your own stories of when you took a chance & it worked out for you. Provide others with some inspiration today. Share with someone you think may need some inspiration.



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