About Lisa


 About Lisa, the artist

I'm an artist, photographer and online entrepreneur, who recently left my day job to pursue my art and photography full-time. Art has been my passion since I was a little girl doing crafts with my grandma. Since starting my business and launching my website in 2012, I have been featured in a number of local art shows and won awards for my photography. But most importantly, I've connected with hundreds of other creatives that inspire me every day. I find art to be therapeutic. Working on a drawing sends my mind into a "thinking-free" zone. Busy minds like mine need a place to retreat from all the thoughts bouncing around all day. Art is my perfect retreat. My tagline"heart.soul.create" defines my art in a nutshell. I create art from my heart, inspired by that which touches my soul. My grandest wish is for my art to touch your soul as well. I hope it ignites your senses, brings you back to a moment in time, or makes you feel like you are there with me in the moment of creation. I believe art brings a richness to its audience. A familiarity, an essence of beauty, vibrant & muted colors, beautiful scenery, or a walk down memory lane. I am passionate about creating detail art with personality. A likeness, emotion, feeling, or attitude to catch my viewer’s attention. Beautiful photographic images have the ability to take you away to a different place & time. The best compliment my art could receive is for you to say, "This piece reminds me of when I...." - where you are transported to a memory or a feeling which is meaningful to you. I hope my art ignites those kind of emotions & memories inside of you.  

About Lisa, the person

  • I'm a true introvert with a pinch of shyness.
  • I love animals. My first spoken word was dog (no joke).
  • I'm really upset the unicorns didn't get on Noah's Ark.
  • Purple is my favorite color.
  • I'm a self-taught artist & fine art photographer with an interest in nature & wildlife.
  • I enjoy watching soap operas. General Hospital has always been my favorite.
  • I'm fascinated with astrology. I'm an Aquarius.
  • I don't like reading fiction books. I would rather watch the movie.
  • I like reading non-fiction books.
  • I hate & refuse to watch scary movies.
  • I reconnected with art during a very difficult time in my life.
  • Creating works of art feels therapeutic to me.
  • I'm afraid of any bug with the ability to bite or sting me.
  • I enjoy cooking & baking.
  • I'm a perfectionist with a pinch of OCD.
  • I'm a keen observer of everything.
  • I always volunteer to play the designated driver.
  • The number one word others use to describe me is kind. I did a survey.
  • I think way too much.
  • I write really long & passionate letters when I am fired up. Beware if you lit that fire.

Art creation methods
My hand-drawn creations start with a fresh sheet of fine art paper. With my tray of graphite, colored pencils, charcoal and inks in front of me, I will work 5-40 hours on a piece, depending on size and on the level of detail I want to incorporate. When I'm satisfied with my final piece, I seal it with fixative spray to prevent smudging before choosing the mat and frame that best compliments the work. All my materials are museum-grade, archival, and acid-free.  

Photography creation methods
My fine art photography is captured with a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. I produce artist signed prints and greeting cards myself, using a Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer with archival inks on fine art & photo papers. Other products for sale on my website are produced and shipped by a vendor.