Disclosure: If you sign up for Premium membership using the links below, I do receive an affiliate commission and you receive 14 days for free. 

If you haven't checked out Skillshare before, I highly recommend it (and not because I'm an affiliate). I've learned so much from taking classes on their site and it's actually saved me money. Some of their classes are available for free and their Premium membership for unlimited classes is currently $99 per year, which I think is a steal.

If you do watch my classes, I'd love to hear your feedback, leave a review and post your class project. 


Skillshare Class Picture Framing Made Easy

Picture Framing Made Easy will teach you how to mount, mat, and frame your photos, as well as add a wire for hanging. The class is only 20 minutes and easy to follow (at least I think it is!). If this is something that you'd like to learn how to do, I invite you to check it out on Skillshare.